Hawks Win Playoff Championship Crown

The Hamburg NTB 16U team defeated the Finger Lakes Freeze by a score of 4-1 to win the Blue Division GLGHL Championship Game. The girls finished first in the league standings with only one loss all season.

by posted 03/10/2015

A reminder to everyone that pre tryout clinics/skates are allowed only for those players that are already in your Association, not for players from another Association.  

In addition, rules regarding player movement are stated in the NYSAHA guidebook and also excerpted below:



Players will be allowed to move from one team (association) to another team (association) at the conclusion of the State Tournament for 12 and under players and at the end of National Tournaments for players 13 and above.  At the conclusion of the respective tournament the player must obtain a Player/financial release from the association that they are leaving showing they have no financial and/or equipment obligation.  When a player joins a new association and the association and player commit in writing, that commitment to participate is for the next complete season. Until the season ends (after respective tournament) no permission to move will be granted without extenuating circumstances. The request must be submitted to the respective Section Vice President who will make the determination and present it to the NYSAHA Board of Directors.  Extenuating Circumstances shall include, but not be limited to the following:

(i) The Association has signed a written release at any time during the season with respect to the player;

(ii) The team on which the player was rostered has been disbanded, and the Association cannot offer the player a comparable team on which to play (a non-tournament bound team is not a comparable team if the player was originally rostered on a tournament bound team); or

(iii) The player has relocated to another region such that it would be impracticable, or unreasonable, to require the player to continue to play with the current Association;

For any reason other than (i) above, extenuating circumstances must include the player having satisfied all reasonable financial obligations to the Association.  A release sought under extenuating circumstances ordinarily should not be granted after February 1 if the player was rostered on a tournament bound team during the current season.

Any player trying out in an age classification that does not lead to a National Championship (as of this writing is mite (8u), squirt (10u), and Peewee (12u))can obtain a release for the purpose of trying out at another organization, but will remain committed to his/her present organization until the conclusion of all youth/girls national tournaments.


Associations, through their Participant Members or other component persons (whether or not affiliated with the Association), are prohibited from contacting youth, girls or high school players from another Association, or otherwise engage in conduct that would appear to suggest that such a player who has not been released change his or her affiliation with their current Association (such activities to be known as “Recruiting”). It shall be evidence of Recruiting, if after such player and Association have executed a commitment and the player has not been released, that the player is contacted by another Association in the above prohibited manner. Any written and signed complaint regarding Recruiting shall be directed to the respective Section President, who will investigate and make a full report to the NYSAHA Board of Directors, which will take action as deemed necessary and appropriate.”

by HH posted 02/11/2015
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